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Redemption Revamp

TemperFire aOwner posted Jul 28, 17

Server IP:

We've finally made it to our official server Revamp launch! The updates we have made numberous updates and changes to Redemption regarding on how to play, a whole new meaning to survival game play. The focus on this revamp is to stay close to the vanilla minecraft concept, but add our own unique twist to its game play. 

We'd like to thank you all for your feed back while playing with us, being patient during these long extensive updates, and staying with us! We hope the wait has been worth it to you all, and that we can continue with a steady stream of updates to the server to better enhance your gaming experience here on Redemption! 

Redemption Revamp change log


  • Complete spawn make over! New structures, new interactions, and a new attractive experience!
  • Fixed issues with interactions on jump pads in spawn that would throw interaction messages from world guard.
  • Reused existing structures for more proper use. Special thanks to Fairygurl, Tehelee, Sebby47, and Sickpuppy22 for their work on making these structures.


  •  Added a new completely custom and unique to our server GUI menu for easier access to server tasks and commands. Accessable by doing /menu
  • Can buy, change, and remove your prefixes
  • Buy special abilities (buying commands like /sit)
  • Buy special ranks that grant you unique abilities
  • Access to warps
  • Access to mini games
  • Access to simple commands like /rules, /vote, etc.

Other Additions

  • Jobs
  • Auction House (Can access through GUI or /ah)
  • Blood effects for when players take damage
  • Minor additions to Sebby's Pyramid
  • New crates added: Common Crate, and Vote Crate
  • New vote reward system


  • Mobhunter
  • Server shops
  • Old vote reward system
  • Donation rewards (Previous donors still keep their perks)
  • Mobarena
  • Daily Rewards (Temporarly)

Server Reset Preparations

TemperFire aOwner posted May 2, 16

Server IP:

Redemption Server Reset is now in preparation, and we have a large amount of updates and new features for both donor and non-donor players! 

We are very excited for this reset, and have looked at all of our players concerns upon reset. If you would like to see more details on what we have planned for our server reset and reset date, please go to our forum post.

Server Event!

TemperFire aOwner posted Mar 17, 16

Server IP:

I figured I would start our first server event the day after my birthday, because why not? :P

The event will take place on March 26th, You can expect to find hidden items in chests throughout spawn and shop.

- Vote Egg rewards will double for the day followed by a new Vote Egg Trader in the vote store.

- A new unique mob arena tournament will start at 5pm Eastern Time (UTC -05:00).

- A scavenger hunt will follow at 7pm Eastern Time  (UTC -05:00). This will hold huge rewards. Possible PVP conflict situations could happen, so this is a bring your own gear, and at your own risk. Players will have to travel to a series of coordinates, until reaching to their final destination.

So if you want to have fun with the new 1.9 update of minecraft, and possibly meet new people, make new friends (or enemies :P) then this should be an exciting event to participate in.

If you wish to participate in these events, comment on this post with your MC username, or do in game '/mail send TemperFire or xRuntx' if you wish to participate.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Visit the forum post for further info on this event date.

Server Updates!

TemperFire aOwner posted Feb 13, 16

Server IP:

Well, we're on our 5th month of server activity. We've been through a lot, learned alot, and have improved a lot! Judging by our fluent progress we are very happy with how our server is developing! With that said, we have a lot of changes coming up, regarding shop prices, pvp arenas, and new donor perks.

First, we will be focusing on a price nerf and buff on our in server shop items. This will range pretty much in every shop. Ore's will likely be spared of any changes as they have held up fairly well. 

Sebby has been working hard on trying new PVP arena plugins, while we are still working on a simple non pvp plugin arena, we want to give that option of having a plugin ran PVP arena that can grant you benifits for playing, let it be prizes or economy money. 

I have been putting more focus into our donor perks for our donators, and improving our overall vote system. Our main focus of vote prizes and donating is to give players as little advantage over other players as possible, and we will always remain that way. However money doesnt come easy, so to those that actually give their money to us deserve to be very well respected for that. Runt, myself (TemperFire) and Sebby will be focusing on a new donor shop, but we would like player input on what you would expect to see in the donor shop as well, and we'll provide our honest feedback on it.

Myself and Runt will also make plans to make our forums more well used, and become more useful regarding game play on the server as well. We want to aim for an active community on both forum and server, as they both pretty much work together on keeping up an active and healthy community.

And lastly, our server needs more events, and we've been brainstorming on a lot of events to be put into place, these will usually happen when the server is either more active, or on an announced date. So it will more than likely take place on weekends.

Please continue to check back, as we are definately becoming more and more active on updating the forums and server. If you have any suggestions for change or new features, make sure to use the forum! As it is the best way to get your idea out there across the community.

Server launch!

TemperFire aOwner posted Oct 2, 15

Server IP:

Welcome to Redemption!

We are very excited to get our server started! Player count may be a little low for the first little bit but we have plans for advertising and gaining interest for our server. We encourage anyone that is new to keep checking back as we are continously updating both our website and server. Any questions or conserns you can maessage me TemperFire, or xRuntx. 

Our server is based off 4 main features

1. Anarchy
We love the idea of anarchy! Knowing that there is no safe point in the world, and being allowed to cause destruction, stealing, and manipulating players will always keep things interesting and very exciting!

We wanted to have mcmmo installed on our server to give more purpose other than what just vanilla minecraft has to offer. With MCMMO you can choose to level up on certain skills, so you can become more efficient at either your pvp fights, or resouce gathering. It also opens up opportunities for new types of farms! All this while staying in the means of vanilla minecraft, so no special items or anything that grants you too much of an advantage.

3. Economy
Being able to have in game money on the server can open a veriaty of different ways of playing, and gathering resources. We want you to be able to cash in on whatever you may mine, so you can eventualy buy yourself that spawn egg so you can have different mob farms. Or maybe save up so you can buy that dye that is so hard to come by. Or maybe you just want to be known for having the most money on the server, and want to buy peoples trust? It's all up to you!

4. PVP
With a combination of your pvp skills and time spent on the server, you can come up with many different ways to pvp other players on here, be it in the arena, or stalking someone in the overworld. If you see someone in an area that they can be killed in, and you desperately want their items? We encourage you to take it!

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