Redemption Revamp

TemperFire aOwner posted Jul 28, 17

Server IP:

We've finally made it to our official server Revamp launch! The updates we have made numberous updates and changes to Redemption regarding on how to play, a whole new meaning to survival game play. The focus on this revamp is to stay close to the vanilla minecraft concept, but add our own unique twist to its game play. 

We'd like to thank you all for your feed back while playing with us, being patient during these long extensive updates, and staying with us! We hope the wait has been worth it to you all, and that we can continue with a steady stream of updates to the server to better enhance your gaming experience here on Redemption! 

Redemption Revamp change log


  • Complete spawn make over! New structures, new interactions, and a new attractive experience!
  • Fixed issues with interactions on jump pads in spawn that would throw interaction messages from world guard.
  • Reused existing structures for more proper use. Special thanks to Fairygurl, Tehelee, Sebby47, and Sickpuppy22 for their work on making these structures.


  •  Added a new completely custom and unique to our server GUI menu for easier access to server tasks and commands. Accessable by doing /menu
  • Can buy, change, and remove your prefixes
  • Buy special abilities (buying commands like /sit)
  • Buy special ranks that grant you unique abilities
  • Access to warps
  • Access to mini games
  • Access to simple commands like /rules, /vote, etc.

Other Additions

  • Jobs
  • Auction House (Can access through GUI or /ah)
  • Blood effects for when players take damage
  • Minor additions to Sebby's Pyramid
  • New crates added: Common Crate, and Vote Crate
  • New vote reward system


  • Mobhunter
  • Server shops
  • Old vote reward system
  • Donation rewards (Previous donors still keep their perks)
  • Mobarena
  • Daily Rewards (Temporarly)